Online consultations are now available!

Are you struggling with your infertility and looking for help?  If you are in a location where natural fertility advice is too far away, try an online consultation with Drew and start optimizing your fertility today!

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Who are the Online Consultations For?

Drew’s online consultations are for men and women who do not have the ability to make it to his Toronto clinic but are interested in advice on natural fertility enhancement.  Men and women have contacted Drew from all over the world and they can now receive the information they have been looking for!  With Drew’s “Fertility Health Summary”, you can get the same advice Drew provides to clients in his clinic from the comfort of your own home!  Get started by clicking on the appropriate link above.

Online Consultation FAQ’s

What do I receive when I purchase an Online Consultation with Drew?

You receive an individualized “fertility health summary” which contains all of the things you should be doing to optimize your fertility naturally – the exact same type of summary you would receive if you were at Drew’s clinic.  Topics include:

  • Supplement advice – discover which supplements to take, the correct dosage and which brands to consider!
  • Dietary information – find out which foods may be hurting your chances and which ones you need more of
  • Lifestyle tips – exercise advice, tips on how to reduce stress
  • Important research and resources on your diagnosis
  • Medical tests you may want to talk to your Doctor about – FSH testing, AMH, thyroid testing etc.

All of the above and more may be included in your personalized summary.

How much does it cost?

The Fertility Health Summary is $199 CAD (Canadian dollars or around $147 US)

After payment is processed, you will receive a link to the Online form.  Complete the form fully and simply hit the submit button when you have fully finished the form.  You will receive your Fertility Health Summary from Drew within 5 business days.

How do I pay?

Paypal is currently available which means all major credit cards are accepted.  Set up your free PayPal account here!

I don’t have access to a health food store, how do I get my supplements?

Drew recommends using  Better yet, Drew will provide direct links to all products he recommends to make things easy.  You are not obligated to purchase from, they just seem to have the best brands and the lowest prices and they ship to just about anywhere in the world.  Save $5 on your first order when you purchase your products through Drew!