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Whether you are looking to conceive naturally or hoping to improve your chances with your fertility clinic, Drew has the experience you’re looking for.

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You’ve done your research – you now know that Acupuncture & Chinese herbs can help with your fertility – be sure to work with a registered TCM Practitioner to get the results you’re looking for.

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Drew works with couples and individuals at all stages of their fertility treatments – whether going through IUI, TDI, IVF or FET’s, Drew has experience with them all.

Male Factor Fertility


Male Factor infertility is as high as 40% in cases of couples
with infertility – find out what you can do to improve your sperm
safely and naturally.

Pregnancy and Labour Support


Suffering from nausea or is your baby breech?  Looking to improve the odds of a natural labour?  Ask Drew how he can help!

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Read some of Drew’s most popular articles!  Find out about the AMH test and whether PQQ is the next fertility super supplement.

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Check out some of the most important supplements which Drew recommends to both his male and female clients!

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Not located in or around the city of Toronto?  Try an online consultation with Drew and receive all the fertility-boosting information his regular clients do!

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Drew appeared on an episode of VICE TV which looked at the different ways people are having families.  Check out the video here and watch the story of Jennifer.  Jump to 5:03 to see her story and how Drew helped her have the family she was hoping for.

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