Co-enzyme Q 10, aka CoQ10, is somewhat new to the general public but research on this powerful antioxidant has been steady over the last 60 years.  Although originally thought of as a heart tonic, recent studies are showing huge promise in the field of fertility.  More specifically, CoQ10 may improve egg quality (and sperm quality) and increase your chance of conception.

CoQ10 is formulated with the help of an amino acid called tyrosine and vitamin B6 but can also be found in some foods such as meats (especially organ meats), sesame oil, soybeans, nuts and beans.  However, after we hit our mid 20’s, our level of CoQ10 starts its inevitable decline (as does our ability to absorb it).  For those going through fertility treatments, CoQ10 is highly recommended and it is something that all of my clients are encouraged to take.

Fertility clinics are even using and encouraging their patients to take CoQ10 in an effort to improve egg quality.  A recent Canadian newscast illustrates why people are considering this powerful supplement to improve their fertility.  CoQ10 and Fertility News Story

Ubiquinone vs. Ubiquinol

Until recently, CoQ10 was only available in one form; that of ubiquinone (check your labels).  Once ingested, the body breaks ubiquinone down into its more active component called ubiquinol.  However, nutritional scientists have finally devised a method to create a bio-available form of ubiquinol.

The  benefits?

Ubiquinol is more easily absorbed (twice as absorbable) than ubiquinone and given that we are unable to convert the ubiquinone to ubiquinol as effectively as we get older, ubiquinol is seen as the top choice.

I keep a high quality ubiquinol supplements available in my clinic for my fertility clients.  I recommend both my females and males to take this product as research is indicating it is good for both egg quality and sperm quality.  If you or your partner is dealing with a quality issue, do yourself a favour and pick up a high quality ubiquinol product.

For a great selection of ubiquinol products, click Find Ubiquinol and type “ubiquinol” in the search bar.

For a more detailed look at the differences between ubiquinol and ubiquinone, Ubiquinol vs Ubiquinone.

Natural Fertility Treatments

Many of my clients come to me already involved in fertility treatments such as IVF or IUI and my best outcomes involve those who adhere to a common-sense supplement regime, regular acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine.

No matter what your fertility concern may be, I encourage you to email me for a free email consultation and I will let you know how I may be able to help.  Email me today and let’s get started!